Save Your Home Before It Is Too Late!

Falling behind on your mortgage payments is nothing to be embarrassed about. However, doing nothing about it will only compound the problem. If you ever find yourself in this predicament our company can help. Our company specializes in helping people solve their real estate problems and there are many ways that we can help. Listed below are short summaries of a few of our different programs.

Loan Modification Assistance
If saving your house is your goal we can help negotiate a payment plan with your existing lender. This “Loan Modification Agreement” depends on your individual financial situation, but often times it is a viable solution if you can afford to make a partial payment up front. We will then negotiate for a prorated payment for the remaining arrearage.

Refinance Programs
We work with a number of existing lenders who work with credit tarnished borrowers. Depending on your current financial situation and the equity in your property we can often refinance your existing mortgage and get you a new mortgage with a new bank giving you a fresh start.

Short Sale & Property Purchase Program
If selling the property quickly and getting into a more affordable situation is your goal we can also assist you in this process. We can purchase your property directly from you and close on your timeline. We can also assist with finding future housing and the moving process. Even if you don’t have any equity or you are overleveraged we are often able to get you out from under it by working on your behalf with the lender to “short sale” the mortgage.

Call today and we will be happy to give you more information about how we can help 703-864-6500. We are all licensed real estate professionals. All calls are completely confidential and there is no obligation.